“I found I could say

things with color and

shapes that I couldn’t say any other way…things

I had no words for.”

~ Georgia O’Keeffe

When you think about your home or office do you find yourself focusing

on the function of the room and its furniture?

                                                 If so, then you’re working from the outside-in…bringing together the pieces without considering

                                                                                                         the essence of your living space.

Working in this fashion can be time-consuming, and, often times costly.  Instead, we suggest you Start With Art,

which will help you create an atmosphere that is uniquely and distinctly your own.

By collaborating with Start With Art, you will:

Save time and money because you have a plan

Have access to an art consultant to guide you with selection and cost-effective purchases

Discover finding and buying art is fun – not intimidating or overwhelming

Create a complete environment that gives your visitors an overall experience that is welcoming, harmonious and unique

When you Start With Art, we will collectively infuse your space with personality, warmth and creativity that leaves a lasting, positive impression on others.











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